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Just text a keyword for your area to HOLMES (465637) and we'll remind you to move your car. That's it!

Alerts are currently available in Columbus and Chicago.

Columbus keywords:

  • TOW CAMPUS - for OSU campus alerts
  • TOW HARRISON - for Harrison West alerts
  • TOW ITALIAN - for Italian Village alerts
  • TOW NEIL - for Neil Ave alerts
  • TOW GERMAN - for German Village alerts
  • TOW EASTGATE - for Eastgate Garden alerts
  • TOW BUSINESS - for Central Business District alerts

Chicago, 1st Ward keywords:

  • W1Z1 - for Zone 1 alerts
  • W1Z2 - for Zone 2 alerts
  • W1Z3 - for Zone 3 alerts
  • W1Z4 - for Zone 4 alerts
  • W1Z5 - for Zone 5 alerts
  • W1Z6 - for Zone 6 alerts
  • W1Z7 - for Zone 7 alerts
  • W1Z8 - for Zone 8 alerts

Palabras Clave del 1er Distrito Chicago:

  • SW1Z1 - Para alertas de Zona 1
  • SW1Z2 - Para alertas de Zona 2
  • SW1Z3 - Para alertas de Zona 3
  • SW1Z4 - Para alertas de Zona 4
  • SW1Z5 - Para alertas de Zona 5
  • SW1Z6 - Para alertas de Zona 6
  • SW1Z7 - Para alertas de Zona 7
  • SW1Z8 - Para alertas de Zona 8

Alerts will be sent the day before and the morning of street-sweeping in each area.

Msg&Data Rates May Apply.


Brought to you by Alderman Proco Joe Moreno.

AntiTow is a cell phone text message alert system that sends reminders to move your car during street sweeping season (Apr – Nov).

The service is free to use and will help you avoid receiving $50 street sweeping tickets.

All you need to do is register for the service by following the instructions below.

  • Identify what area(s) of the 1st Ward that you’d like to receive alerts for by viewing the residential street sweeping map.
  • Use the table to the right to determine the keyword to use for your area.
  • From your cell phone, text your area’s corresponding keyword (e.g. W1Z1) to 465637.
  • You will receive a text message welcoming you to the service and confirming your registration.
  • Alerts will be sent out the afternoon before and the morning of residential street sweeping in your area.

If you cannot register for the service, do not receive text alert reminders or encounter any problems with the service please contact Recess Mobile or call the 1st Ward office at (773) 278-0101.

Note - This service sends reminders for residential street sweeping only. Arterial streets — e.g., Western, Ashland, North, Chicago, etc. — are not covered. 1st Ward arterial streets are swept on a more frequent and alternating schedule, so they could not be included.

Supported carriers

  • Alltel
  • AT&T
  • Cellular One
  • Sprint
  • Nextel
  • Boost
  • T-Mobile
  • U.S. Cellular
  • Verizon Wireless



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